Jan 2, 2013

double-dog dare

At the very last minute last night I decided to join once again in CB James' TBR Dare. It's a Double-Dog Dare this year. Basically to only read books off your TBR stack (I have many) until April Fool's day. I think I can make it this year, even though I fear I will not read a large number. I have been so slow at reading the past few books I got from the library were renewed two or three times, and some by the time I got around to reading them, I no longer had interest!

Well, for the duration of the Dare I'm still going to post (when it interests me to do so) about the books I read with my children, but the books I read for my own enjoyment or edification will be from my TBR bookcase (or one of the nearby piles on the floor).

You can read more about the Dare at Ready When You Are, CB.

1 comment:

Literary Feline said...

I need to do this, but probably won't. I should though. I really should.

Good luck, Jeane!