Mar 24, 2013

Wolf Star

by Tanith Lee

I have pretty much nothing to say about this book except that it was the one that made me firmly give up on Tanith Lee. As an author I want to read more of, that is. Sorry! But it's true. The characters felt even more flat than before, and the protagonist was put in a new situation at the very beginning of the book that was so incredibly unfamiliar she could not make sense of it, and neither could this reader. Basically Claidi gets kidnapped and taken to a mysterious palace high on a cliff where she finds herself surrounded by clockwork servants and rooms that change on a whim, which she tries desperately to escape from. It was so utterly confusing. I tend to get rather irritated when I read pages and pages and simply cannot follow or figure out what is going on, so I gave up on this one. Too bad. I still think the author's imagination is fantastic, her ideas are certainly most unique, I just can't manage to enjoy them the way they are presented.

Abandoned ......... 256 pages, 2000

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