Mar 30, 2013

Eco Babies Wear Green

by Michelle Sinclair Colman

When we first borrowed this book from the library, the way the illustrations are stylized put me off a bit. I think my kid didn't even recognize the figures as people, at first. But the book has really grown on us, and now I'm very fond of it. It simply makes repeated statements of how to be environmentally-friendly and shows a baby or child participating in some way- often amusingly. The page that says Eco babies save water shows a kid sitting in the rain, catching water in all kinds of cups, mugs, bowls, pots and toys. Even his open mouth to the sky. Eco babies compost shows a toddler in a highchair tossing cheerios on the floor, with a container labeled compost nearby and pattern of plants climbing the wallpaper. Eco babies recycle has a kid in a cardboard box with a hat and sail made of newspaper, looking adventuresome. I think my favorite page is the one that says Eco babies eat local, showing a baby stuffing his face with strawberries, while mom picks a basketful. Brought back fond memories of visiting local strawberry farms and picking our own when I was a kid. And of course the last page as a fitting close shows a baby in pajamas reaching out of her mom's arms towards a lamp in the falling dusk: Eco babies turn off the lights. I love all the little reminders on how children can be involved in being "green".

Rating: 4/5 ........ 18 pages, 2008

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