Jan 1, 2010

Challenges for 2010

I'm joining the Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge, hosted at J. Kay's Book Blog. At first I wanted to sign up at the "Just My Size" level and commit to reading 50 library books for the year, but then I calculated in my head and realized I might not be able to finish. That's four library books a month, and I've already got myself into the TBR Challenge, which is mostly books off my own shelves. As I average only one or two books a week at best, I'm going for the "Mini" level, which is to check out and read 25 books. I think I can do that. I have so many heaps of unread books in my house I haven't been going to the public library much at all lately, and that makes me feel guilty (why, I don't know) so this challenge will help me remedy that!

On another note, I still have one book to read for the What An Animal challenge and ten for the Random Reading challenge. I'm still plugging away at The Book Thief, which is only taking me a long time because it's been vacation time and there haven't been many quiet moments for reading (but lots of movies and jigsaw puzzles and cookie making and playing in the snow and little road trips and fancy cooking - I made pho last night- and overall general laziness!) Back into reading soon enough.

Happy New Year, everyone!!


  1. I signed up for this one too. I love my library and always have a steady stream of good stuff on order! I've only read 3 of the Random Reading Challenge books, and I'm wondering if I will even get it finished! Plus I signed up for all those new ones. I'm a mess!

  2. I would join this challenge if it had a lower number like 15. I only read 60 books for 2009; 14 of them were library books. @% is just too many.

  3. Good luck with your challenges!

  4. Anonymous1/07/2010

    Welcome to the Support Your Local Library Reading Challenge! Love the library and love this challenge. So glad to have you join.


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