Jun 20, 2009

Almost Perfect

Disabled Pets and the People Who Love Them
edited by Mary Shafer

This short book is a collection of true-life stories about pets who have touched and inspired the people around them. But these are not ordinary cats and dogs- all of them are disabled in some way. Dogs with missing or paralyzed legs- one even continuing to work as a service dog after loosing a limb. Blind dogs and cats who learn to navigate their surroundings with ease. A white cat with chronically sunburned ears. A kitten with a brain disorder. Animals suffering from serious injury or illness who make remarkable recoveries, beating all the odds. I expected all the stories to have happy endings, but that wasn't the case- there's a few real tear-jerkers here. And a few surprises- who would have thought that a parapalegic pet rat could be inspiring? Cagney's story was probably my favorite; I've read lots of heartwarming tales about dogs and cats, but not that many about a rat! I've sometimes wondered how humane it would be to let a pet live with a serious disability, but after reading Almost Perfect it's clear to me that most animals adjust and simply move on, living their life in the moment. I do wish more stories had been included, and a few times an awkward phrase distracted me from the reading- but overall this was a pleasant, quick read. The voices here vary as widely as their pets- some of the writing is brisk and straightforward, others eloquent. Some humorous even in the saddest moments. Almost Perfect is a book that will warm the heart of any animal lover or pet owner.

I received a copy of this book from Roberta Jacobson, one of the authors.

Rating: 3/5                   128 pages, 2008

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  1. I do think animals adapt better than humans because they don't waste time feeling sorry for themselves. Sounds like an inspirational book.

  2. This sounds like a book I would really like. It's going on my TBR list, along with a box of tissues to go with it. :-)

  3. I am in such an emotional state tonight - I can just imagine how many tears I would cry if I tried to read this! But I agree with bermudaonion - animals seem to have a much greater capacity for just getting on with things. Useful life skill, that, eh?

  4. Ooo sounds great. Part of my wants to read it and a part of me doesnt. I hate tear jerkers! I agree I dont associate heart warming tales with Rats.

    Sounds like it was a fantastic read though.

  5. Bermudaonion- exactly!

    Nan- I hope you like it. The tissues will come in handy.

    Jenny- It would be nice if we could just forget everything sometimes, wouldn't it? not dwell on what used to be... I'm not sure I envy this ability, though...

    Caspette- Well, it's pretty short. If you have any inclination, I'd pick it up and breeze through. There's more stories that made me smile than made me cry.

  6. I have to be in the mood for animal stories, but they do have the power to move me. I'll probably look for this--thanks!


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