Apr 10, 2009

Ortho's All About Vegetables

by Barbara Pleasant and Katie Lamar Smith

Well, I know from past responses that nobody's much interested in my gardening books, so I'll keep this brief, for myself. Ortho's All About Vegetables is a great resource. It's short, sweet and to the point. Instructions on how to design a vegetable garden for the best production, how to grow seedlings, overall plant care and specifics on each of some forty different vegetables. Last year I just stuck the seeds in the ground and watered. This year, I now have (thanks to this book- a gift from my husband) a plan to give each type of veggie the individual treatment it needs to grow healthiest. Gorgeous photos and a nice layout that makes for quick, easy reference round out this book. It's inspired me to want to grow more plants than my family would eat! And now I want to get a copy of the Ortho herb book since I'm growing those, too.

Rating: 4/5                     96 pages, 1999

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  1. This makes me think of my father and all the love and care he put into our gardens when I was growing up.


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