Apr 9, 2009

Meme: Numbers Game

from Booking Through Thursday:

Some people read one book at a time. Some people have a number of them on the go at any given time, perhaps a reading in bed book, a breakfast table book, a bathroom book, and so on, which leads me to…

  1. Are you currently reading more than one book?
  2. If so, how many books are you currently reading?
  3. Is this normal for you?
  4. Where do you keep your current reads?
Right now I'm reading two books (see the sidebar). Usually it's just one at a time, occasionally two or more. (They have to be on different subjects. Currently, it's a large historical fiction novel, and a book on gardening). My current reads rest on the bedside table, or hang around the couch during the day. (They often go along in the car, too!)


  1. I can usually read 2 or 3 books as long as they are different genres.

  2. I am 2 or more kind of gal myself :)

    And your header is adorable

  3. Right now, I'm reading 4 books, but 2 of them are self-help and I've been reading them like forever as I take a long time to get through self-help books. Otherwise I usually stick to 2, or I kind of lose track of the plot.

  4. I usually stick with one at a time.

  5. I usually have 2 going at once, but last week was up to 3 and 4! Blame my new library!

    your word verification is "fulness". I like that.

  6. Jess- Me, too, though I usually stick to one.

    Blodeuedd- Thanks! That's my kitty.

    A Hazra- Four is a lot. Although those self-help books sound like ones you can pick up and put down again easily.

    Bermudaonion- Me, too.

    Bybee- Four would be a lot, for me! Fulness of books, yeah.

  7. 1. I am currently reading one book, [Susan Jacoby's The Age of American Unreason] but most often I am involved with two at a time.
    2. Already answered.
    3. No.
    4. In my backpack, as I do most of my reading away from my home.


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