Dec 6, 2008

found by...

It's been a while since I've done this kind of post. Most people who type in keywords to google search find me via a book title or sometimes author name, but every now and then I get a really funny or odd one. Here's a few from the past six months.
I always get some that include "dog" one way or another:

syphilis in dog ear
how to steal the love of a dog
how to teach a young toddler not to hit dogs
dog ear full of pus
eating dog ears
dog carrot allergic reaction
do dog's ears have to be the same
ideas for potty training dogs
hawaiian juvenile book eating a dog
dog fears weeds swimming
mild mannered dogs available in south africa
what happens if you bite a dog's ear?
write on my favourite animal and label it a dog

Someone was apparently looking for The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, because I got these repetitive attempts:

the man who mistook his wife for a cat
the man who mistook his cat for his hat
the man who think that his dog was a hat

I'm really curious what page these people landed on:

endless moutain labradors
civil war ear novels
redhead duck claws on feet
toilet slave directory non fiction
attitude fearless boxing how to instill fearless courage like mike tyson

And these ones just made me go what? I have no idea what these people were looking for, and I'd sure like to know what the answer was!

what city or town? it doesnt matter how big the ear is, you never be able to pick it up

i like green lobsters. i am usually hungry. i am potty trained. i am intelligent though stubborn. what is my name?

looking for history picture of tom o' bedlam with a chicken in his ear

I find it hard to believe someone actually came across my blog by typing one word into a search box, but that's what my stat counter reports:


This last one is a nice quote. I think it's from a song:

when i turned the page, the corner bent into a perfect dog-ear, as if the words knew i'd need them again


  1. Those are some weird searches. I actually have a new event running on Saturdays for you to list just this. Check it out here I didn't post any today as I'm sick but feel free to link up your post.

  2. Amazing how people find you huh?!

  3. Callista- sorry to hear you're sick! I don't know if I'd have interesting keywords to share each week (they're pretty seldom) but I'll check out your Saturday event.

    Lauren- Astonishing, yes!

  4. LOVE that last one! It's been a while since I've looked at my analytics, but I don't think I've ever had any interesting keyword searches like those. I love reading these posts!

  5. These are great ones! Especially the totally weird and random ones. I have a keyword post in draft at the moment. Hoping to get it out soon.


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