May 22, 2008

found by...

Since I started my stat counter in Aug 2007, I've been able to see actual keywords people plug into google to find my blog. It amuses me. Most readers come across my blog via book titles or authors (of course!) but I do get some strange ones. Here's some that really made me wonder: what were they looking for, or what did they find when they landed here?

oil painting of country doctor and dying child
recent shocking dog disasters boston
children's book lesbian chickens
snow white human nature
julie gregory hoax
housekeeping vs. a maid
fixing toddlers pronunciation
how to quit a nanny position
duck feet pictures
stepsister naked stories
petunia the monkey painting
the horses began to flag
students dont do reading homework
lion thing with three horns
opinion of a vet about zoos are good
viking grave drawings
movie on conformity/individualism

The craziest one I think is "children's book lesbian chickens" What?!! And the one that really made me laugh was "students dont do reading homework". Sometimes I'll see the same title got five, ten hits in a row and it makes me wonder if it's kids looking for something to copy for a homework assignment. Occasionally it's a little more blatant: "help me write a 5th grade book report on old yeller" and "what is the main lesson old yeller" were hits on the same day! I don't approve of plagarism, but I suppose I can't avoid this sort of thing.


Natasha @ Maw Books said...

You've got some great ones. I love looking at these as well. I get tons of kids looking for help with their homework. They are a little more blatant and actually leave me comments asking for help.

I know there is a children's book about a pair of same sex penguins with a little chick. Maybe that's what that keyword was referring to?

Jeane said...

I think you're right. I've heard of that penguin book. Can't imagine someone confusing a penguin with a chicken, but maybe they just forgot what kind of bird?

Anonymous said...

These are hilarious! My son has a blog, and he does an annual review of the stranges search terms...I die laughing every time.

I haven't checked mine've prompted me to go look into it ;)

Melody said...

Oh yes! I've came across a few that was hilarious too, and of course there are some that're ridiculous ones! And don't you love this stat counter thing?! ;P

Mrs S said...

*lol* The people who work at Google must have a whale of a time reviewing people's searches!

Andi said...

I do love how people "find" one another . . . I wonder if we'd have a similar laugh at personal ads. . .

writer2b said...

These are just a riot. My search terms are much more boring than these! It's always easy to tell when teachers assign papers on certain books, isn't it? One weekend I got something like 200 hits on a Dr. Suess post... If they were looking for deep interpretation, they were probably disappointed!

Lauren said...

I always get a kick out of looking at our keyword searches too! lol