Nov 29, 2008

Through Wolf's Eyes

by Jane Lindskold

I thought I would enjoy this fantasy novel about a feral child who winds up in the middle of court intrigue. In this alternate universe, "Firekeeper" is a woman who was raised in the wild by extra-large, super-smart wolves. She's discovered by a group of men from the King's court, searching for remains of a lost expedition into the wilderness. Instead they find her- and guess that they might have found an heir to the throne. Firekeeper goes back with them, accompanied by one of the wolves. Once at court, she sets herself to learn how to act more human, making friends and enemies along the way. She has an uncanny understanding of court politics, facilitated by her life with the wolf pack. The first part of the book was pretty good, I liked reading about her experiences in the wilderness and wolfish interpretations of human behavior. But once the story got into schemes for the throne and headed towards warfare, I lost interest. So many new characters were introduced, it became difficult to keep track of them all (in spite of the book including both a family tree and a glossary of characters). Too many side plots added more confusion and bulk. I would have kept reading if the focus remained on Firekeeper, but it didn't. I quit Through Wolf's Eyes about halfway through.

Abandoned                  594 pages, 2001


  1. I think it takes courage to quit. Good for you.

  2. Well, this is disappointing. I do want to read this one. Maybe I'll have better luck than you did. I'm sorry it didn't work for you. I guess every book can't be a winner. :-)

  3. Thanks, Bookfool! I always feel bad when I make a good effort on an extra-thick book and then give up.

    Literary Feline- I do hope you like it better than I did. I'll be watching for your review, to see how it turns out.


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