Oct 8, 2008

sorted books

sorted book project
I saw this idea on the blog Presenting Lenore. You take a bunch of books and see if you can arrange them so that the titles tell a story. I tried it. Even though I have over 400 books on my living room shelves, it was surprisingly difficult to put some together in a way that made sense, let alone suggest any kind of story! It was frustrating, and fun. Well, here are some of my attempts. See what you can make of them (click on the pictures for a larger view):

I don't know why the picture of this last one got so small. And I just realize one title got cut off in the photo. So here's the words (punctuation added):

In the Beginning
I Dreamed of Africa
The Undiscovered Country,
A Bevy of Beasts.
Daughter of Fortune,
Into the Wild.
Strange Meeting.
I Rasie My Eyes to Say Yes.
The Subtle Knife,
A Ring of Endless Light.

If you'd like to know the authors of any of these titles, just ask! Has anyone else done this? I'd love to see your results.


  1. Anonymous10/08/2008

    that is the neatest idea ever!
    When I'm done studying I'm definitely going to spend my time doing that. I can see myself getting really into that so I won't interrupt studying now otherwise I'll never start back up again

  2. Anonymous10/08/2008

    I love this idea -- You did great! I may give it a try...

  3. I especially like the last one! I added yours to my ongoing list :)

  4. How brill is this, your examples are great. I'm going to have hours of fun!

  5. Beautiful. The last one sounds like a poem.

  6. I think you did an excellent job of seeking out titles and I agree with Bybee -- that last set sounds like a poem.

  7. What a unique idea! I know others have said this, but yes, the way you arranged the titles sound like poetry!

  8. Anonymous10/11/2008

    I've seen this going around. I love the idea and am tempted to look at my own books to see what I can come up with.

  9. Wow! That is really cool! Great job!


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