Oct 16, 2008

sorted books continue...

sorted books project
My husband saw my last posts of "sorted books" and wanted to try it for himself. Here are his creations:

(Can you tell we just finished watching the presidential debate?) And two more that I did as well:

This is really unprecedented. Three posts in a row of nothing but book pictures! Sorry, everybody. Really, I'm going to get back to reviews tomorrow.


  1. Love viewing these pics!! ;)

  2. These are amazing and very entertaining. I would try but I don't have a lot of books. That's neat that your husband is getting into it too!

  3. I linked from Janet at Across the Page, and I've been enjoying your book reviews for weeks now.

    Thanks for sharing the Sorted Books game. It looked like so much fun that I posted my own book stacks.

    Happy birthday and congratulations on your great book finds. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on The Thirteenth Tale.

    To wrap up, I love the Orson Scott Card quote in your sidebar.

  4. Thank you for the compliments, Correspondent! I'm glad you like reading my reviews, and appreciate the quotes I put up. I'm making a new habit of adding lines that really jump out at me from books I've finished recently.

    I don't know how soon I'll be reading The Thirteenth Tale (I have over ninety books piled on the floor by the bed now) but if you keep vising here, you'll be sure to know!

    I like the sorted books you did, too. It's fun, isn't it? And so addictive. I'm tempted to try some with my daughter's collection of picture books soon.


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