Feb 11, 2008


I have an answer now for question #4 in Eva's meme. I thought I had read the first two books about Princess Sultana, and wrote the two previous posts by memory of those readings years ago. But when I sat down to read the third book, Princess Sultana's Circle, I quickly realized that I already had! The book I missed the first time was the second one of the three. (It must have been unavailable at the library at the time). So that post I just wrote (and now erased) wasn't about Princess Sultana's Daughters, it was about Princess Sultana's Circle. I'm now reading Daughters, and then will refresh my memory better of Circle before rewriting that post. Such confusion, fickle memory!


  1. I remember that some years ago I'd (unwisely) say that something like that would never happen to me. But these days I find myself getting more and more things mixed up. I guess it's an inevitable consequence of both growing old and reading so many books!

  2. oops, I meant older, not old. Sorry, I wasn't trying to call myself or you old :P


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