Feb 4, 2008

New Books!

I don't usually post about new acquisitions, but today was such a great day in terms of books I had to share with someone (that's you readers) who could share in my bookish joy.

Do you ever get the hunch that there's a special book out there somewhere waiting for you, you just have to go find it? I had an itch for book-hunting, so first I drove over to a local thrift store, where I got this pile of books for $7:

Then I spent a few hours at the Book Thing, and came away with this haul (all FREE!):

To top that off, when I got home I discovered that I won a contest on Powell's and got $60 of credit (immediately spent on some long-wanted fantasy novels that complete my Barbara Hambly and Anne McCaffrey collections).

I also found that Cipriano mentioned me on his blog, Book Puddle, in a discussion about why we abandon books we're reading. I felt very flattered and tickled pink at that! All in all, it was a wonderfully bookish day, I was quite happy and satiated. I won't (I promised my husband) feel the need to go book-hunting again now for a month or two.

(If this post differs from what you see in Google Reader, or your comments are missing, it is because I accidentally deleted it, and re-wrote this post but it's shorter, I don't have time to list everything I wrote the first time. Sorry, I made a mistake, oops.)


  1. I thought I was going crazy when I came over to comment on your awesome new stash and it wasn't here, lol.

    Congrats on winning the contest-that's awesome!

  2. Oh mercy, this sort of thing leaves me a little drunk. I love coming home with a huge pile of potentially awesome books (and ALL books are potentially awesome until they're read).
    Also, how did you set up your genre/subjects section? I'd like to do a 'ratings' section so that people can browse books based on how much I liked them, but I'm not sure how.

  3. Eva- sorry about the confusion! and thanks.

    Raych- Yeah, it tickles me pink. I look at the pile right next to my bed and just want to open every one right now, but it will be a long time before they're all read!

    I can tell you how to set those things up; send me an email: jeanenevarez@gmail.com.

  4. Anonymous2/06/2008

    I think I already left you a comment on the first post but let me just say again what a great stash! I'd be delirous over such a big stack of new books.

  5. Anonymous2/07/2008

    Now THAT is a good day!

  6. Nice haul!! I can't believe you got all of those books for $7--and then the rest for free. I'm reading Angela's Ashes right now and have a few others tucked away on my TBR shelves. Oh glorious books!

  7. Such great acquisitions!

    I spot Fire & Hemlock on the pile - that's one of my favourite books ever! I hope you enjoy it too.


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