Nov 16, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

vol. 10
by Konami Kanata

My older daughter and I have been waiting for the new installment of Chi's Sweet Home, so I was thrilled to see it finally available at the library. It picks up right where the last one left off, with Cocchi the stray kitten still confused at the strangeness of Chi's pampered home. He finds the restrictions too frustrating- not to scratch walls and furniture, dictated where to pee, etc- and runs off outside again.

There are a few little plot arcs through this story. One is that Chi's "Daddy" finds a lost poster with her picture on it, and debates whether or not to tell his family. When the wife learns about it, they argue several times: should they contact her missing first family? how can they give up Chi, or break up the bond between Chi and their son Yohei?

Chi herself starts to notice the differences between herself and her human family- only she has a tail, for example. The big grey Bear Cat points out Chi's feline features, and she starts to learn to act more like a cat- how to control her claws, hunting practice, etc. It's really cute to see her feline nature unfolding more and more, and her fumbling attempts to hone her skills.

Meanwhile Chi and Cocchi meet a pair of tabby kittens who look strangely familiar. The quartet of kittens romping and playing together are absolutely adorable! Of course the reader realizes these are probably Chi's silblings, but the cats themselves don't yet, though they are intrigued and puzzled by their uncanny similarities. Cocchi especially notices that Chi looks almost exactly like one of the other tabby kittens. Chi and her friend are confused by the kittens' references to their "momma" and ask the friendly Auntie Calico what a "momma" is. Their imaginings based on her description are hilarious. It seems at several points that Chi will meet her lost mother, but this never quite happens, leaving lots of anticipation for the next volume!

Rating: 4/5   160 pages, 2013

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