Mar 26, 2013

Things That Go

by Say and Play

We've had this book borrowed from the public library for months, that's how much my kid likes it. (My library doesn't have a time limit on baby books). It just has pictures showing objects that provide various modes of transportation, or some that are pieces of machinery, and names them. Simple, but intriguing because of the variety. There's the familiar cars, trucks, motorcycle, fire engine, bulldozer, train, helicopter, boat, airplane etc. But there's also a blimp, scooter, bicycle, cable car, hot air balloon, roller skates and child's tricycle. There's a double-decker bus and a yellow school bus. There's not only a regular pickup truck but a cement-mixer, a semi tractor-trailer, a tow truck, a dump truck and a garbage truck. You get the idea. Lots of things that go. Nice, clear pictures. To amuse my kid I started making distinctive noises for each item, and pretty soon she expected the same ones every time. This included different kinds of honks and beeps for each car and truck, put-put-put for the helicopter, vrooms and roars and so forth. I make a pretty good high-pitched backup-warning beep (for the garbage truck). I never did think of a good sound for the blimp but that one is near the end of the book and she never seemed to notice that I skipped its noise.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 26 pages, 2012

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