Mar 19, 2013

My Teeth

by Richard and Michele Steckel

Nothing could be simpler than this board book. Each pages shows a baby or toddler smiling (well, a few of them seem to be crying) so you can see their teeth. The first one has bare gums, the next one shows one tooth, then two, and so on. Each kid has progressively more teeth up to ten. The pages just show the number to count, plus a tiny bit of text on the picture telling you what country the kids are from. You can guess from the small bits of clothing to be seen, but other than that this information doesn't add much to the book for my kid. She isn't even interested in counting the teeth at all, just likes looking at all the children's faces. The last two pages show a child biting into corn on the cob, and then brushing. A good ending for a book featuring teeth!

Rating: 3/5 ........ 20 pages, 2007

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