Feb 1, 2011

the Dare month!

Well, I've done it! Made it through January only reading off my shelves, thanks to CB's TBR Dare. I feel like I kinda outdid myself, reading a total of twelve books (usually my monthly reads only average to about six, I think). As you can see, there are now some nice leaning gaps opening up in my shelves! Soon I'll have to rearrange (and make space for more books, ha ha!)
In the last few days there I really crammed in a bunch of shorter books, because I have already reserved quite a few pregnancy books from the library and am anxious to get to them right away (some on hold by other patrons so I can't renew them) and thus I didn't want to have a new, longer book half-started on the first day of Feb. Silly me. The last one I read last night, a juvenile non-fiction about great horned owls, will get a review tomorrow as I feel I've already posted enough today!

It really feels nice to clear some of these books off my shelves, that have sat there so long waiting to be read. Even though I'm not officially going to be part of the Dare anymore I'll still be following along in spirit, reading as much off my shelves as I can between the books I borrow from the library. And now I'm going to dive into the pregnancy titles!

Good luck to the rest of you, who are sticking it out until April!


C.B. James said...

Congratulations. I'm so proud. It's fun to see actual space open up on the TBR shelf isn't it. And 12 books is impressive.

Christina said...

Congrats on getting 12 books off your shelf! Even the shorter books help in clearing off your shelves, and I think that gap is pretty impressive.

Nymeth said...

Well done!

Chandra said...

What a great challenge and I'm very impressed! 12 books in one month!?!?

1morechapter said...

Sounds like a challenge I need to join!