Dec 6, 2010

it never ends

the additions to the ever-growing TBR list. Here's a list of the titles that caught my eye the past week or so, thanks to all the wonderful bloggers linked to below.

Where the Wild Things Were by William Stolzenburg- Things Mean a Lot 
Tell Me Another Morning by Zdena Berger- At Home with Books
Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski- Bookfoolery and Babble 
Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer-this one's actually already on my TBR, but So Many Books made it grab my eye yet again.
Old School by Tobias Wolff- Jenny's Books
My Masai Life by Robin Wiszowaty- Book Addiction
The Story of Sushi by Trevor Corson- Stay at Home Bookworm
Scent of the Missing by Susannah Charleson- Caribousmom
The Gift of Stones by Jim Crace- Ready When You Are, CB
The Night Shift by Brian Goldman- Hooser's Blook

I've also added to my list This Organic Life and Growing Older by Joan Gussow, thanks to reading some gardening blogs, but I forgot to make a note of who pointed me to them.


Bookfool said...

I'd better not look any of those up or I'll get in trouble. :) Under the Overpass is good. I think I might donate it to my church's library.

Nymeth said...

You're most welcome! We live to spread the bookish love ;) Jenny made me want Old School as well.

bermudaonion said...

You're right - there will never be enough time to read all of the great books out there.

Jenny said...

Mm, those look interesting! If you do read Old School I will be curious what you think of it. It made me laugh soo much.

Wendy said...

Definitely some good ones there! Hope you'll love Scent of the Missing as I did :) Thanks for the link love!