Nov 4, 2008


Book giveaway winner
My daughter was delighted to help pick the winner of this giveaway. I wrote the names on strips of paper, she folded them all up tight.

They barely fit in her hands.

It took five throws to get one name to land on the book. First toss: zero. Second toss: two. Third toss: three. Fourth toss: seven! Fifth toss: one name. Wow, that was fun!

And the winner is

Ruby(mouth) ! Ruby, send your mailing address to jeanenevarez AT gmail DOT com and I'll mail your book soon!


The Correspondent said...

Your daughter is precious!

Jeane said...


Trish said...

Too cute! I love the pictures--especially with all the papers in the air--your daughter look so excited!

Jeane said...

She was. It was so much fun for her, I think I'll use this method again.

Bookfool said...

LOL! What a great little series of pictures. Your daughter is a doll. Congrats to the winner!

dawn said...

what a fun team effort!

Congrats to Ruby.