Nov 3, 2008

Gymnastics in Action

by Bobbie Kalman

This is another book for kids on gymnastics that I read to my daughter. It's more detailed than the last book, and a bit advanced for a four-year-old, so we read it in stages, with lots of discussion when she had questions about things. Gymnastics in Action explains the basics: what are gymnastics, the importance of warm-ups, basic moves and positions, why you need a good coach, which events boys and girls do, types of equipment and gear used, how gymnasts progress in their skills and learn routines, and how the gymnast's body works. The last spread describes rhythmic gymnastics (which I didn't see in the other books we read). The pictures are all bright and very clear, and the descriptions easy to understand. It's a good, informative book for children about the basics of the sport.

Rating: 3/5                      32 pages, 2003

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