Sep 8, 2007

Don Coyote

by Dayton O. Hyde

Surrounded by sheep ranchers who hate, revile and try to exterminate the coyote, Dayton Hyde takes a stand to protect and study this fascinating and resourceful animal on his cattle ranch in Oregon. His informal investigations include examining the ecological benefits of having coyotes on his land and hand-raising a litter of coyote pups. Through his first-hand experiences with coyotes, Hyde proved wrong the long-held belief that they prey upon cattle. Don Coyote was a ground-breaking wildlife study in its day, and the American Library Association named it one of the ten top books of the 1980s.

Far from being a dry, scientific volume, Don Coyote is full of humor and set against the background of the author's life with his family-- who view his coyote dealings with long-suffering patience and continual amusement. It is a very personable story, and an old favorite of mine.

Rating: 4/5                  245 pages w/19 black and white photographs, 1986

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