Dec 30, 2017

Alpine NorthWest

It has been a very long time since I worked a puzzle. My older sister got me into the enjoyable pastime again- she sent me this lovely 1,000 piece Charley Harper jigsaw. (I first discovered this artist on a family vacation to Glacier National Park where we worked a different puzzle featuring his artwork). I've been putting this one together over the past few days with my thirteen-year-old. I love the abstract style of this artist, and the detailed way he depicts a wide variety of plant and animal life from each specific environment (I recognize many, but not quite all, of the species in the picture. Wish there was a list somewhere). Once finished we admired it for about ten minutes, then promptly disassembled to start a new one! Fun.

(sorry, the last pic has a bit too much light bouncing off it)

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