Jan 7, 2017

Unicorn on a Roll

by Dana Simpson

The more I read of these Phoebe and Her Unicorn comic books, the more I like them. (On the third right now). In this set of strips, Phoebe has arguments with her 'frenemy' at school, Dakota, and becomes more friendly with a fellow nerd- a boy who participates in the spelling bee. She learns that her unicorn can roller skate, tries out for the school play and can't figure out what to do with her time when her parents spend hours binge-watching their favorite show and leave her unsupervised. (She feels like she ought to take advantage of the opportunity to do something naughty, but can't figure out what. Such a good kid. Even if she does pick her nose). I have to say, I really enjoy reading Phoebe's interactions with her parents. They're from my generation, so I can relate to things like knowing what a vcr or record-player is, and how phones used to be attached to the wall- which my kids are clueless about.

The unicorn is priceless. She is perfectly assured of her beauty and perfection, but she's not a snob about it. She is very gracious, and has a charming sense of humor. And I like that the unicorn can interact with Phoebe's parents and friends- because of this phenomenon called the Shield of Boringness that makes her seem un-spectacular to them. Reminds me of how Peter S. Beagle's unicorn would appear a mere white mare to certain people, protecting her from harm.

Oh, and Phoebe meets a few other unicorns- who don't approve of Marigold being friends with a human and try to dissuade her from the company. Those segments were great and I wished for more of them.

The more I read of these comics the more I smile, and laugh out loud. Poking around online I found some prior comics this author/artist used to create before they evolved into Phoebe and Her Unicorn- which I am curious to read now as well. I'm starting here.

Rating: 3/5       225 pages, 2015

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