Oct 29, 2016

the Dragon of Og

by Rumer Godden
illustrated by Pauline Baynes

This charming little story is set in Scotland, medieval times. A young dragon lives in a pool near a Lord's manor. Every so often the dragon eats one of the Lord's cattle, otherwise he leaves the people in peace. The people see him as a symbol of luck and protection, so they don't bother the dragon. Then power changes hands. The new Lady of the manor brings newfangled ways that upset a lot of folk- she wants to have basic cleanliness and order. The new Lord is upset when he finds out the dragon eats his cattle. He demands that the practice be stopped, and when they can't find a way to prevent the dragon from taking what he sees as his due, the Lord demands that a knight be found to kill the dragon. Meanwhile, the Lady herself has met the dragon on its own terms, and she has befriended the beast. So she is out to thwart her husband's plans.

Quite cleverly, I thought. There's a point in the story when it looks like this will be a tragedy, but it all turns out well in the end. A bit reminiscent of The Reluctant Dragon. And I have to say, the illustrations by Pauline Baynes are a perfect match with Rumer Godden.

Rating: 4/5      60 pages, 1981

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  1. Well it is ridiculous that there exists a Rumer Godden book illustrated by Pauline Baynes and I do not currently own it. On the other hand this gives me a very strong idea for a Christmas gift for some people in my family, so thanks for that!!


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