Feb 15, 2015

Woman's Best Friend

edited by Megan McMorris

From a collection of women writers, short stories and reflections about their dogs. The search for the right dog, the connection and depth of bond with an animal- whether it comes quick and easily, or slow and unexpected, sometimes reluctantly. A few amusing moments, but more of them are thoughtful, perceptive, precise in detail and pinpointing emotion and meaning. There are first dogs, training efforts, animals whose companionship helps women through tough times (more than one story about loss, divorce and the search for new connections). There are stories about finding an animal, and stories about loosing one. Nearly all of them resonated with me in one way or another. Very good reading.

I was at first dismayed that I only recognized two of the authors' names, until I read the short bios in the back and learned that most of them usually write for periodicals- thus I am unfamiliar with their names. I liked their words here.

Rating: 4/5       305 pages, 2006

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  1. This sounds like a great collection. I am not sure if and when I will be ready to adopt another dog. I think I'm ready emotionally, but our lifestyle just isn't conducive to adding a dog to our family. It makes me sad, but I know, at least for now, it's for the best.


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