Aug 7, 2014

The Boss Baby

by Maria Frazee

This cute little book depicts a new baby as a corporate boss. Black and white onesie styled like a business suit, holding long lists of demands, crying and screaming to call his parents to "meetings". Cute metaphor to how a baby can completely overtake a home, get mom and dad hopping to do his bidding, demand instant results (even when no one can figure out what he really wants) and get all his perks: music played to soothe him, drinks prepared round the clock and so on. Until the baby's "staff" of mom and dad collapse in complete exhaustion. Baby calls for attention, but gets no response. So he must find a new way to communicate. Really cute. My little girl just thinks the baby is being silly, it's parents who will really get a chuckle out of this one, recognizing how demanding infants can really be.

Borrowed this one from the library. It's fun to read the author's words about how her concept for the book evolved here.

Rating: 3/5       36 pages, 2010

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bermudaonion said...

All babies are family bosses - this sounds adorable!

carol said...

I read this at a store at some point and didn't like it. Glad your little girl enjoys it.