Apr 3, 2014

Dare Complete

Well, I have finished the Dare. It was easier than ever because I was simply too busy to visit the library much. So it felt like I didn't really do a dare because there was little effort involved, or will power- when I had (rare) spare time to read, I just reached for one of the many books on my shelves. I did try to read all the fish books in my house- made good progress with that. Total owned books read were 14- two of those e-books. One abandoned book. Two put up for swapping afterwards, the rest I liked enough to keep in my collection. But I really read 19 books during the first four months (not counting bedtime stories for kids); one was a re-read needed to inform myself about how to care for the worms, and 4 were library books I had borrowed just before the dare began, from holds I'd been waiting for. Overall I feel like my participation was rather halfhearted, sorry for that. Good books, though!


  1. Well, hey, nothing wrong with succeeding at something just because you're too busy to fail at it. I still think it's well done you!

  2. I think reading all your aquarium books/fish books from your own shelves is an achievement! If your winter was anything like ours, getting out of the house was also an achievement. This morning was the first morning in 4 months when I thought, I think I want to go to the grocery store because there's no snow on the roads or sidewalks. Still plenty on the lawns, fields, etc, but for the first time I want to go out.

    I did get many library books out instead, and read more than I usually do of them, so I am proud I bought a few less books than usual this winter.

    I think in some way you should count those books read at bed time with the children! lol

  3. Bermudaonion- Thanks

    Jenny- It's a funny thing. I always tried so hard to stick to it before, and this year it was no effort because everything else overwhelming. Odd turn of things.

    Susan- I am working on that last one now. It does feel like an accomplishment! It's true that I never read through so many newly-added books to my shelves so quickly before (most of them sit there for years).

    Yes, the cold and snow kept us in too. I am so glad for spring!

  4. If I counted the bedtime stories I'd be blogging multiple times a day. My almost-three-year-old insists on at least four stories a night and I often read more than that, just because I want encouraging book-love.

  5. Anonymous4/07/2014

    Congratulations. Glad to hear you did well with The Dare, no matter the circumstances. ;-)


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