Feb 10, 2014

Small Pig

by Arnold Lobel

Small Pig lives on a farm. The farmer's wife is doing a thorough cleaning of everything. Last of all she comes to the pigpen, and cleans up all the mud. She's satisfied and goes on her way, Small Pig is upset. He loves mud. He misses it very much. He's angry at the farmer's wife. So he runs away, looking for a new, comfortable muddy place. He finds mud in different places, but there's always someone or something to keep him from staying there. Finally he reaches the city and finds what he thinks is some nice, soft, oozy mud in the middle of a sidewalk. But it's not mud at all, and soon Small Pig is stuck! A crowd gathers, including the farmer and his wife who are out looking for their missing pig. They are shocked to find him there, get some help to release him from the sidewalk, and return to the farm. The farmer's wife apologizes and promises never to clean the pigpen again, and Small Pig is happy to be home. It's a cute, fun story. Arnold Lobel cracks me up.

Rating: 4/5    64 pages, 1988

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