Jan 1, 2013

what was 2012

Here's a look at what turned out to be a rather quiet year for me, in terms of book blogging. There was just so much change in my life that reading and blogging kind of took a backseat, and once again the numbers reveal how much my reading focus shifts from year to year. This was definitely a year of light reads and escapism. And more time spent snuggling with kids reading their choices, than spent reading my own. I started out intending to keep a running tally as I did in 2011, but lost track halfway through the year. So as usual, the count might not add up exactly (some books span two or more categories) but more or less here's what I read.

Total books read- 158
(including the baby/board books)

Fiction- 88
Non-fiction- 24
(this count doesn't include the baby books)

further breakdown:

Memoirs- 8
Gardening/Food- 7
Nature- 3
Parenting- 1
Animals nonfiction- 5
Other nonfiction- 4

Fantasy- 23 (I think most of these were Sandman volumes)
YA- 6
Animals in fiction- 50 (and most of these were Thornton Burgess books)
J Fiction- 56 (and most of these were comic books or chapter books read with my kid)
Picture books- 8
Baby books- 54

Short story collections- 1
Graphic novels- 46

Owned books- 50
Library books- 117
Borrowed from a friend- 1
From another blogger- 1
Review copies- 1

Abandoned books- 6
Re-reads- 5

Places I visited this year via books: England, Paris, Kenya, Tanzania, Canada and India.

These numbers are not impressive at all. A solid third of those books were baby books. Of the rest of the books read, half were J fiction and/or graphic novels, which is a lot of light reading. I am glad that I read many more graphic novels than I ever did before; that was enjoyable. Also glad that I continued to use the library a lot, as well as whittle away at my own piles.

The most memorable books of the year for me were Pride of Baghdad, Blankets (both graphic novels) and Wasted (not exactly a feel-good book but very powerful, one you can't stop thinking about). In terms of nature writing, I think my favorite book of the year was Swampwalker's Journal.


  1. It's not about the numbers, it's about the enjoyment. Happy New Year!

  2. Well your numbers are better than mine :p I had sort of a similar year to yours…big changes..some good, some not so easy. My reading went down too. But it's still been so great to have the support and friendship of people like you :) So glad you enjoyed Blankets so much!!! Here's to a FANTASTIC 2013 for you which is MUCH deserved :)

  3. I think you did very well considering all you had going on this year. I hope you have a wonderful New Year, Jeane.

  4. It's still better than even my best year. I hope all is well with you and your family and that the new year is a blessed one. And kudos for reading so many from your shelf!!


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