Apr 20, 2012

Sticky Burr

Adventures in Burrwood Forest
by John Lechner

This graphic novel is aimed at younger kids. It's about a little sticky burr in the forest who lives with a bunch of other burrs in a little village (very cute). The other burrs all have prickly personalities, but Sticky is different. He's kind and considerate. He likes doing art and music. His ways get him ostracized by the group, and while running away from them, he gets lost inside a "maze tree" where he helps some fireflies who are lost, too. Upon returning home Sticky, with the help of his new firefly friends, saves his village from some rampaging dogs. Then he's a hero and the others welcome him home, deciding it's not so bad to have someone around who's different.

The book is fun. Woven into the story are some facts about forest wildlife and such, as Sticky makes observations to share with the reader. And since he's a burr, he's always getting stuck to things by accident- a dog's tail, a bird's feather, a mossy tree trunk! It's got a nice message for kids about accepting others for who they are. There's a website, too.

rating: 3/5 ........ 56 pages, 2007

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  1. My son introduced me to the book. He adored it. I have a review planned but haven't gotten it posted yet.


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