Sep 18, 2010


by Cornelia Funke

An imaginative adventure story revolving around books. Meggie's father restores old books, but when they suddenly pack up and visit her elderly book-obsessed aunt after she sees a sinister figure standing outside their house in the rain, Meggie suspects more is going on than just repairs on her aunt's collection. There's one particular book in her father's care that incites all kinds of interest- her father keeps it hidden, her aunt wants it so much she secretly swaps it for a different book, a very non-bookish person sends armed men to the house to wrest it from their possession, etc. Before she knows what is really happening Meggie is mixed up with kidnappers, a shifty fire-swallower and all sorts of interesting characters, all because of this one book. Even after they've narrowly escaped danger, some characters have a nagging desire to still return for the book.

It turns out that more interesting than the book Inkheart, is the secret ability her father has. I heard about it long before I read this so I don't have many qualms about telling you, although Meggie herself doesn't discover what he can do until halfway through the story. When he reads aloud, her father's voice draws characters out of the books and into real life. It sounds amazing, doesn't it? I was looking forward to this all through the pages, but it didn't play out as spectacularly as I'd hoped. In fact, I'm sorry to say, the whole story failed to really catch hold of me. I was reading along only half-interestedly and then suddenly at page 266 I thought: if I set this down now and walk away without feeling curious about what happens next, then I know I'm really not invested in this story. And that's what happened. I've been wanting to read it since last year, when I saw all the reviews going around; in particular one on Read Warbler caught my interest. But it didn't work out for me. The characters didn't feel very real. In spite of all the adventure the plot felt slow, I kept getting bored. I did like the literary quotes heading each chapter, and how I could recognize the familiar books characters mentioned; but then all the bookish metaphors and references started to feel forced. I always feel kinda bad when I don't fall in love with a book so many other readers adored. Get some second opinions below; I think I'm in the minority with my dislike here.

Abandoned ....... 534 pages, 2003

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  1. I don't read much fantasy, but I think I might like this one since it revolves around books. My sister loved it! Sorry it didn't work for you.

  2. Sorry you didn't enjoy this one. I bought it to share with my daughter after we loved the movie, but we haven't read it yet.

  3. I couldn't really connect with this one either. I wondered if it might be a lost in translation sort of thing. I was also a bit disturbed by the amount of violence in it, considering my oldest son read it when he was 7 years old...

  4. I felt this way too, and I have about all the Funke books I've read, which does make me wonder whether it's a translation thing or a writer thing. Her books just never spring to life for me.

    (And her last name reminds me of Arrested Development and makes me giggle like a crazy person.)

  5. My kids read this book and also were not crazy about it. We then rented the movie, which I fell asleep while watching. I am going to have to agree with your opinion on this one and say that it wasn't a favorite at my house! Thanks for your honest opinion.

  6. Anonymous9/20/2010

    I'm sorry this one didn't work for you. i really enjoyed it.

  7. I'm one of those people who actually quite enjoyed it. But I'm very sorry it let you down! :(

  8. I also abandoned this :( And I so wanted to love it!


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