May 29, 2010

weekly finds

I've never participated in Friday Finds before, hosted at Should Be Reading. But I've always enjoyed reading other blogger's posts on it. And I noticed lately that the list I constantly compile of new books to read, becomes dangerously long before I add it to my TBR page here (which is a bit more organized). So I thought maybe if I start doing this weekly meme, it will help me stay organized and keep my list updated. (Hopefully it's okay that I'm starting out on a saturday!)

So here are my finds (in no particular order) from the past week (or two):

Seven Ravens by Lesley Choyce - I saw this one on The Indextrious Reader. I love the sound of the nature writing, the connection between creativity and nature, and the idea of following ravens. It sounds really intriguing to me.

Lost Worlds by Bruce M. Beehler - I'm starting to really enjoy books categorized as "popular science reading" and even though Pussreboots wasn't thrilled with this one, it sounds interesting enough I'm adding it to my list.

Not so Perfect by Nik Perring - Short stories have never really been my favorite to read, but Book Chase makes this collection sound so good, I want to give it a try.

Sylva by Jean Vercors - A little-known but intriguing book I've read is Lady into Fox by David Garnett. I was eagerly reading a new review of it at Page247, and then following links to see what other bloggers had said. At Stuck in a Book I found it compared to Silva, another book about a fox-turned-woman. Onto the list!

The Hive Detectives by Loree Burns - A Patchwork of Books told me about this book that details the work of honeybee keepers and scientists who are trying to figure out why bees are vanishing. Sounds like just my kind of book!

Clan Apis by Jay Hosler - And the first comment on that post about The Hive Detectives mentioned this graphic novel about bees. I'm just getting into graphic novels, so I'm really curious about this one.

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton - I loved The Secret Garden, read it over and over as a kid. So I think I'd surely like this one as well, described at The Lost Entwife.

Coop by Michael Perry - I've read about this book recently on several blogs; Tales of a Capricious Reader and Raging Bibliomania were the ones that made me want to read it. Apparently it's not all about chicken-raising, but about life on a farm and family values. Sounds good!

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa - I haven't put any fantasy on my list in a while, nor YA, but Steph Su Reads makes this one sound really compelling.

and finally, The Future Eaters by Tim Flannery and The Red Centre by one Finlayson got added to my list because they were mentioned in Chasing Kangaroos


  1. Thanks for the link, and the wonderful list of books.

  2. Good luck finding Sylva! I was lucky enough to stumble upon it in a book sale... but quite scarce.

  3. I've never done Friday Finds, either, although I love reading those posts. I've got The Forgotten Garden on my TBRs. I loved The Secred Garden, too, so I'm hoping it'll be wonderful.

    Coop is Michael Perry's second book. I read his first and liked it but didn't love it. Coop sounds really good, though, so it's on my wish list.

    Great list!

  4. These Friday Finds posts are so dangerous! At least to my wish list and TBR pile.

    Coop caught my eye too, when I read about it on Heather's blog. And although I've heard mixed reviews of The Forgotten Garden, I do want to read that one as well.

  5. I went into Lost Worlds with the wrong set of expectations. If I had been expecting a memoir, I probably would have enjoyed it more. Happy reading!

  6. I just found your blog and It makes me wonder how many reader/writers like cats. There seems to be a lot of blogs with cat and book correclations.

    But to the topic. Pussreboots (anotehr cat lover, I guess) brought up the point about our expectations, there's no doubt that if we start a book with any expectations we can be disappointed.

    You and your readers might be interested in my new YA fantasy novel. You can see ch 1 of it on the 'Lethal Inheritance' page of


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