Feb 22, 2009

2009 TBR Challenge

I'm also signing up for the 2009 TBR Challenge! For this one, you pick twelve books to read before 12/27/09, with twelve "alternates" in case one of the first ones just doesn't work for you. Here's my first list:

Adventures of a Zoologist by Victor Scheffer
Clay Walls by Kim Ronyoung
Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey
Dolphin Chronicles by Carol Howard
The Edge of Day by Laurie Lee
Living to Tell the Tale by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
My Orphans of the Wild by Rosemary Collett
A Paddling of Ducks by Dillon Ripley
Reindeer Moon by Elizabaeth Marshall Thomas
Sandy by Dayton O. Hyde
Say You're One of Them by Uwem Akpan
Vet on the Wild Side by David Taylor

My alternate list:

Anya by Susan F. Schaeffer
The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon
Dust Bowl Diary by Ann Marie Low
An Episode of Sparrows by Rumer Godden
The Horse's Mouth by Joyce Cary
Ice Bound by Jerri Nielsen
No Room in the Ark by Alan Moorehead
Maggie-Now by Betty Smith
Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham
The Peacock Spring by Rumer Godden
Psycho Kitty by Pam Johnson-Bennett
And Then We Came to the End by Joshua Ferris

The best thing about all this? My husband saw me making my 9 for '09 list and he was intrigued by the categories. He decided to participate, too! He doesn't have a blog, but I'll post his list, and maybe he'll do guest review posts of his books here, as well.


  1. How fun that your husband is doing the challenge too!

  2. I shall plead ignorance as I state that that the only book I recognize from this list is "Of Human Bondage". Which, incidentally, is a great book.

  3. I'm with "Child", (oh, that doesn't sound right) I'm with "Anonymous." "Of Human Bondage" is the only one I've heard of as well. Some of these titles sounds really intriguing. Where did you hear of them? I'll look forward to your review.

  4. I am glad you are going to be participating in the TBR Challenge too! I'm already doing much better in it than I did last year. Haha

    Good luck to both your husband and you in the 9 for '09 Challenge!

  5. I like your alternate list even better than your main list.

    The Horse's Mouth was fun reading.

  6. Nymeth- yes. He's still trying to make final decisions on his books.

    Anonymous, Framed- Several of these books are by authors I'm familiar with from other works, so I thought I'd like these. Two I won from other blog giveaways- Say You're One of Them and Then We Came to the End. Most are just books I picked up from rummage sales or thrift shops because they looked interesting.

    Lit Feline- Thanks! I think we're going to enjoy it.

    Bybee- Well, I'll probably end up reading a few off the alternates list- if I can't get thru one of the originals.

    I just found out The Horse's Mouth is third in a series. Do you think I'll miss much not having read 1 & 2?


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