Jan 1, 2019

Unicorn Mountain

by Michael Bishop

I have a feeling I may have tried this book once before, so long ago I remembered very little except the general premise. It's set on a Colorado ranch, where several disparate characters end up together- Libby who runs cattle on the land, her Ute ranch hand, her ex's cousin who comes to stay. He's dying of AIDS- this was written in the eighties- and some of the ways in which people talked around him, admittedly made me uncomfortable.  I gather from reading more opinions on Goodreads, that at its publication date, this book was way ahead of its time depicting gay men and issues they had to deal with- so it ought to be read in a historical context. But that isn't what bothered me. Nor the outright lack of unicorns- although I know they come more into the book later in the story- up to where I read they were mainly background material, a group up in the hills, their presence kept secret by the landowner and her very few friends. The unicorns appear to be unhealthy, and somehow they weave into the story with the other characters trying to put their lives back together, or keep things going as best they can. I didn't get far enough to find out though, because something put me off. It was when ghosts came into the narrative. I just don't do ghost stories.

Abandoned                    406 pages, 1988

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bermudaonion said...

I think I'm safe to skip this one.

Thistle said...

Sounds like that would be a skip for me as well. I don't like books with negative stereotypes, even if they were progressive for the time they were written. I'd just rather spend my reading time on more positive things.

Stefanie said...

I read this back in the 80 when it came out and I was in my early teens. I really liked in then, but sounds like it has not aged well.

Jeane said...

Well, perhaps I'm the anomaly. Most of the readers on Goodreads had positive things to say about it. It just wasn't working for me- as much because of the ghosts as anything else!