Feb 2, 2014

Worms Eat My Garbage

by Mary Appelhof

This is a re-read. I wrote about this book last year. But now that I actually have the worms, wanted to go over the material again. So I skimmed a few parts- I didn't need to read about how to build a bin, for example. I enjoyed once again the straightforward, friendly manner Appelhof uses to address her subject, and the practicality of it all. Some things I made note of this time around, or paid closer attention to:

The details on what types of bedding can be used, with their respective pros and cons.

The specifics on different species of worms. Five species appropriate for compost bins are mentioned, each have their own little set of needs and/or situations in which they might be particularly useful. Also mentioned are types of worms you might find in your yard or garden that are not suitable for vermicomposting.

I don't remember this detail from before, but the author cautiously suggests that small amounts of meat products, when used properly can be beneficial in the worm bin (and not cause offensive odors). I am not planning on trying this, though. Easier to just keep it out.

Variety of methods outlined, for harvesting the vermicompost or worm castings from your bin. Also the difference between the two, and how to use them on your garden or houseplants.

The list of other living organisms that will populate the worm bin. There's lots. And they're mostly helpful. Except for centipedes, which prey on the worms. Millipedes on the other hand, are beneficial. It's useful to know the difference!

Rating: 4/5   162 pages, 1997

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