Feb 11, 2014

Slug Tossing

by Meg Descamp

An enjoyable book on one of my favorite subjects- gardening. It's a little memoir of sorts, a humorous look at the author's first forays into gardening when she and her husband bought a new house with a neglected yard. Coming from a family of green thumbs but never before having had any interest in growing plants, Descamp often grumbled when her sisters gave her pointers on how to do things. But her resistance to advice soon turned to questioning and before long a sort of friendly competiveness between the sisters. Gradually she gets more involved in doing things for the yard, and starts to learn about the ins and outs of gardening. Befuddlement at all the complexities of soil ammendment and pest control. Frustration at roses that require too much work. Disgust at slugs and other nuisance critters. Doings of her cats, delving into bulbs, discovery of gardening catalogs, forays into composting, arguments with her husband about where fruit trees and rose bushes should go. The loss of trees and introduction of many new things. It was a pleasure to remember a lot of my own first experiences in gardening along with the author. Even more so because it is set in Portland; any book placed in the great Pacific Northwest makes me feel at home. There's also stuff about her neighborhood, endless trips to the local nursery, friendly and not-so-friendly people next door and around the corner... But mostly it's about gardening. Fun, light read. Made me laugh.

Rating: 3/5    206 pages, 2003


bermudaonion said...

I love the title and the fact that it's a memoir appeals to me.

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Looks cute, and I love the cover! :)