May 17, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

vol. 4
by Konami Kanata

Chi's family has thankfully found a new home in an apartment that allows pets, so for them it is a big relief to move. For the little kitten, moving is an upsetting and confusing event and we get to see the cat's viewpoint as she timidly explores the new apartment, finds new smells, marks stuff as hers, and meets neighbors. One of these happens to be a dog, which is frightening for Chi until she discovers that she can be smart and safe from "the Barker" too. In the course of this volume Chi learns how scary and fun a flight of stairs can be, meets a snooty next-door-neighbor cat, is indignant at having her nails clipped (failed attempt) and plays ridiculously cute games of hide-and-seek with her little boy. She also realizes how much she misses the big Blackie from her old neighborhood, in a moment of nostalgia. Sweet and fun.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 146 pages, 2006

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