May 15, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

vol. 3
by Konami Kanata

In volume three, the too-cute Chi is starting to mimic grown cat behavior, due to her following the older, larger "Bear Cat" around the apartment complex more and more. They start to get into some serious trouble, and eventually the Bear Cat's family is forced to move out, pitching Chi's family into a panic about their own situation. They decide they must give Chi up, which grieves the little boy. Chi herself seems pretty unmoved by all the turmoil, delighted to romp with the older cat, play with her human "sibling" and generally cause mischief. It's hilarious when she gets her claws stuck in a curtain and unintentionally climbs almost all the way to the ceiling! There's also a very cute episode where a toddler visits from the country, who finds Chi irresistibly cute, but is more used to playing with dogs and upsets the kitten. I love the way this series is illustrated, it's simple and adorable, but the expressions of cats and their attitudes are so accurate it makes me laugh.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 144 pages, 2005

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