May 14, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

Vol. 2   
by Konami Kanata 

In this second volume of Chi's Sweet Home, the adorable little kitty continues to romp around her adopted family's apartment. Their efforts to keep her presence a secret from the management becomes more complicated when a large black cat starts causing trouble in the neighborhood. Now everyone's on the lookout for cats, and then Chi meets "The Bear Cat" herself. First she tries to chase him away from her territory, then she gives in to curiosity and starts following him around. Gruff in appearance, he becomes something of a kitty mentor to her. The kitten's memories of her mother and siblings are fading, but brought back dimly sometimes by snuggles and the taste of milk. I like the scenes centered in the home, as the kitten plays alongside the little boy and continues to learn how to fit in with her human family. Finding a comfy spot to sleep, wanting to share in the delicious-smelling food the family eats, playing with things on daddy's desk. Surely anyone who shares a home with a cat can relate! My favorite was the scene where Chi found the little boy taking a bath. She was terrified of the water, but so intrigued by the floating bath toys. You can guess the result!

Rating: 4/5 ........ 154 pages, 2004

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