May 5, 2013

Chi's Sweet Home

Vol. 1
by Konami Kanata

This is one of the cutest books I've ever seen! It's about a little kitten who gets lost and adopted by a family that isn't allowed to keep pets in their apartment. There's the adjustment of the family to caring for a cat, the toddler's antics, the kitten constantly remembering her family and wanting to search for them, then starting to feel at home where she is. It's hilarious how the kitten gets her name- correct me if I'm wrong someone, but does "chi" really translate into something like "pee pee"? I guess it would be like calling your kitten Tinkle, ha ha. There's all kinds of amusement relating to how cats actually behave- not interested in the toys you purchase but delighted with an empty box or winkled paper, alternately startled by and curious about every new thing in the house, indignant at the liberties taken by the vet and then holding a grudge against the person who took her there! I enjoyed it all so much.

I even spotted a little tribute to What's Michael?, another graphic novel series about cats. If you look closely at the pictures showing the vet's office, What's Michael? books are in the background! Love those little details. I'm eager to read more (so is my eight-year-old, who gobbled this book up) so I've already requested the next few volumes from the library. Looks like they have at least ten, so we're looking forward to reading more about this adorable kitty!

Rating: 4/5 ........ 162 pages, 2004

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