Feb 11, 2013

Where Does Maisy Live?

by Lucy Cousins

Cute Maisy the mouse entertains kids in an interactive board book where they must discover where she lives by lifting flaps to see who is in different kinds of homes. I like that Maisy is pictured wearing muddy boots, and the pages all have farm animals. Along the way toddlers learn where the animals stay- horses in the stable, pigs in a sty, dog in a doghouse, chickens in the coop, etc.- and the noises they make. At the end there's a regular house with a door to open, where you at last find Maisy. My daughter likes to actually knock on this last door with her little fist and say "open!" before lifting the flap. Very fun and educational little book.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 12 pages, 2000

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