Feb 1, 2013

Touch and Feel Ponies

by DK Publishing

My kid really likes ponies right now- she can even make the cutest whinny noise when you ask her "what does the horsie say?" So this board book was a hit right off. Like all the other Touch and Feel books, it has different textures for your child to explore- hairy pony manes and furry coats, smooth prize ribbons, a closely woven blanket, and so on. My toddler particularly likes noticing things the ponies have in common with herself- they eat apples (pictured on one page in a bushel basket on the ground), get covered with blankets and even wear socks. She pointed this out to me on the back cover, where a pony getting loaded into a trailer has protective coverings on its lower legs. "Pony sockies!" my little girl said excitedly. Yes, it really did look like the horse was wearing socks.

Rating: 3/5 ........ 10 pages, 1999

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bermudaonion said...

I love anything DK publishes.