Feb 7, 2013


with Polar Animals
by Melanie Watt

We seem to have quite a few baby books in the house right now that feature arctic animals, this is one of them. My toddler always asks to see the walrus! I like this little book. It illustrates the opposite concepts very well, and introduces the child to a certain set of animals pictured in their environment as well. My favorite pages are the ones showing open/closed- a puffin with its beak in the different positions, light/heavy- a walrus sitting on one end of a tipped ice floe, with a tern on the other end up in the air, inside/outside- two owlets hatching out of eggs, one peeking through a hole in the shell, and summer/winter- showing the dark and light pelage arctic foxes take on in the alternate seasons. The illustrations are clearly depicted and cute as well.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 22 pages, 2003

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