Feb 24, 2013

Hunter's Moon

by Garry Kilworth

O-Ha is a fox. This novel tells of her life, and that of other foxes in her community. For the foxes, the world is full of challenges and danger. O-Ha looses her first mate and her litter of cubs (both to separate incidents with hounds) and is grieving until she meets a new dogfox who recently escaped from a zoo. Together they find a new den and try to raise more cubs, but things are always difficult. There are vicious dogs that chase them, humans that encroach on their territory. O-Ha wants to stick to tradition (the book is rich with invented folklore, rituals and a belief system all from the foxes' viewpoint) but her new mate doesn't have the same qualms about living close to humans and at one point they end up making a den in a scrapyard. Their new cubs grow up even more accepting of human presence, giving a very real picture of how foxes have adapted to urban environments.

This is another book I'd love to find and read again one day. I don't remember enough detail about it, but love reading about foxes. I believe this book is out of print, and can't find it at my library. There's some confusion as it's also been published under the title The Foxes of Firstdark.

Rating: 3/5 ........ 352 pages, 1989 ......... find it at

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Thistle said...

Which format ereader do you use? I have Hunter's Moon (along with three other animal story books by the same author) in e-format. I could upload them for you if you like.

Jeane said...

Kindle Fire. How would you do that? let's discuss- jeanenevarez AT gmail DOT com.