Jan 4, 2013

Every Season

by Anne Love Woodhull 
and Shelley Rotner

This is a wonderful picture book celebration the seasons. It starts off proclaiming I love spring and subsequent text and pictures depict the joys of spring: fresh rainfall, sprouting seeds, eggs in bird nests, ducklings and flowers and baby animals galore. But then summer comes and I love summer too, it continues. Summer features visits to the beach, running barefoot on the grass, watching butterflies, tasting watermelon and lemonade, etc. Autum pages show the beauty of leaves turning colors, of seeing geese fly across the sky, picking pumpkins and enjoying pears and apples, feeling the wind. Winter has glittering icicles and fun in the snow, ponies with thick warm coats, the comforts of hot chocolate and bundling up warm. Then it cycles around again with I love spring and a picture of bright green, new leaves.

There are so many things I like about this book. The photographs are very nice. It shows not only how things change in nature and how the animals behave in different seasons, but also how we change our clothes, the differences in weather, and what foods are enjoyed fresh. There's something exciting, fun or wonderful to discover about each time of year. Perhaps my favorite page is the one with pictures of the lovely, secretive patterns animal tracks leave across the snow. My toddler has little patience for longer books but she will sit quietly through this one.

Rating: 4/5 ........ 32 pages, 2007

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