Jan 7, 2013

Babies on the Go

by Linda Ashman
illustrated by Jane Dyer

This is another board book that my child just doesn't like, protests when I pull it out and we never get through more than a few pages. I however think it's lovely- all about how different infants are carried about by their mothers. The first page shows a baby in a stroller, then goes through a variety of animals: swan cygnet tucked under wing, baby bat clinging to its mom, lion cub dangling by its nape, anteater riding piggyback, kangaroo joey tucked in a pocket and so forth. It's got some nice rhymes and shows a wide variety of animals and methods of taking their babies from here to there. The last spread shows human infants once again, in different kinds of infant carriers, strollers, baby slings etc. The illustrations are nice with very gentle lines and colors, perhaps the lack of strong contrast, bright colors or general liveliness is what bores my kid. I'll try it on her again a few more times when we're in quieter moments, then back to the library it goes!

Rating: 3/5 ....... 32 pages, 2003

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