Jan 16, 2013

Architecture Counts

by Michael Crosbie and Steve Rosenthal

I really like this little board book series that has counting, shapes, colors, etc. all associated with architecture. It's unique from most of the other kid books I see that tend to have cute animals, babies, familiar household objects or food items. This one is about counting- each page has a picture of part of a building and a number to count a certain feature- three dormers, five arches, eight chimneys and so on. The last page shows a large building with lots of windows, columns, chimneys and things for a child to count on his own. But I happen to especially like how it starts out- a picture of an open landscape with the caption 0 buildings.

Rating: 4/5 ....... 26 pages, 1993


Bookwyrme said...

How's your little one like it?

It sounds like a unique, good book & maybe a good gift, but I can't get a look at it via the library, so I'll have to go by the two of you!

Jeane said...

She likes it okay, will sit through it with some interest when I read it. But it's not a favorite, she never picks it out on her own for bedtime stories. There's another one by the same author/photographer featuring animals on buildings, in friezes and such- she really likes that one. I'll be reviewing it soon.