Apr 18, 2012

Happy Happy Clover

vol 3
Sayuri Tatsuyama

In the third volume of Happy Happy Clover, the bunnies and their friends navigate friendships, crushes and the ins and outs of Heart-Leaf Day (a tradition like Valentine's day) They wake Blackberry the bear too early from his hibernation, and attempt to journey to another forest to make a mail delivery. There are more magical elements in this volume: Clover uses a charm to try and avoid a test she's not prepared for, she gets transformed into a monster by Cinnamon Fox's magic stone, and the animals all get taken in by a story about beans telling their future. I liked the story that showed one of Rambler's travels to another forest, and also the one where Clover convinces her parents to let her stay home alone while they go on a short trip. There was more of the moles in this volume- I find them kinda strange, but not as annoying as the rapping birds. At the end of the book is a little strip that shows some of the daily trials the main characters have to deal with- Shallot's is getting buried under the piles of his beloved books!

rating: 3/5 ........ 192 pages, 2009

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