Apr 16, 2012

Happy Happy Clover

vol 1
by Sayuri Tatsuyama

Over the past few days I've been enjoying reading the Happy Happy Clover manga series alongside my kid. (I needed a break from the seriousness that was the last book). I have to keep reminding her not to spoil the surprises by telling me all the funny and cool things that happen in the books- she read through them a lot quicker than I (having more time on her hands).

So in volume 1, the reader meets Clover the bunny just as she is making a new friend, the shy lop-eared rabbit Mallow. Other events in the book: Clover finds a haunted part of the forest, a wandering rabbit makes a visit, Mallow braves a steep sledding hill, a monster prevents the bunnies from gathering mushrooms, the young animals try to hide their dismal report cards, and Clover tries to find out what Hickory the flying squirrel is afraid of. I think my favorite story was the one where Clover is given the task of delivering a secret love letter. The drawings are cute, the stories fun and full of little morality lessons at the same time (but its not so obvious as to be annoying).

rating: 3/5 ......... 188 pages, 2006

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